About Us

Goldrush Mastiffs started back in 1997 with our first Mastiff, Malachai. From there after diligent research of the breed standard, formerly assisting the breed club with Mastiff Rescue as a Regional Coordinator for multiple years and continuous support and breed education of those new to the breed we pride ourselves on developing a well thought out breeding program with goals to improve upon our current dogs as well as maintain the breed that we admire. Goldrush Mastiffs strives to produce Mastiffs of exceptional quality that are fully health tested and sound in temperment. We show our dogs and are involved in Mastiff Rescue. We strive to produce a Mastiff that adheres to the Mastiff Standard and quantifies itself as an excellent repesentative of the breed in the eyes of the general public and reputable breeders. We strive to educate the public on breed awareness, health concerns, rescue opportunities and placement of outstanding specimens in quality, loving homes. Our puppy’s and dogs come from fully health tested parents, are evaluated by experienced Mastiff breeders, are well socialized, and are taken care of with love and compassion.

We are breeders that will stand behind our dogs and will remain as a support system for our dogs and their new owners for the life of the animal. We take pride in being the first to offer an extensive INCENTIVE PLAN for our Goldrush bred show and companion puppies to encourage our puppy buyers to involve themselves in the health and welfare of their new puppy. Please look for reputable breeders that can offer that same option. We are a full disclosure breeder that posts our health testing results, pedigrees, and multitudes of pictures and testimony of our dogs. We encourage someone who is new to the Mastiff breed to completely research the breed to determine if the Mastiff is right for you and your family. Meet as many Mastiffs up close and personal as you can through breeders home visits and AKC dog shows since this big of an animal and the requirements needed to care for them is not for every household or lifestyle. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our dogs or to just talk about Mastiffs in general. Our home is always open to visitors, please call to make an appointment to come meet our drooly bunch. Our dogs are not just “dogs” they are true members of our family.