Bentley X Eva

  • Due Date 02 May 2008
  • Males 3
  • Females 4

Date of Delivery, May 2, 2008: Account of the events to unfold: “Well, we are home! Eva produced 8 puppies, 5 girls and 3 boys. She went into labor at 2:45 a.m. this morning so she stuck her face in mine and let me know her water broke. At 3:30 a.m. there was the green discharge that indicates the placenta has detached from the uterus and is readying the puppy for delivery. Well, an hour went by, no puppy..another hour, no puppy…Eva is panting, distraught, and is miserable…at 4:30 in the morning is no time to call the vet who probaby wouldn’t answer anyway..Eva’s appt was at 9am, and I knew we would be leaving at 7 to get to Pasadena…So we waited on pins and needles,

It was now 8 a.m. and still no puppy. I am worried but knew we were enroute to the vet so really nothing to do but wait…that puppy was stuck good! Well about 30 minutes out of Pasadena, we were passing through Cleremont and Eva popped out that puppy..she was not breathing and had no heartbeat…I quickly threw off my seatbelt and headed over the seat..grabbing up the puppy and began furiously rubbing the pup and flinging her to get the fluid out of her lungs..I didn’t have a towel so I whipped off my sweatshirt and put her in it while I did CPR and flings until we arrived at the vet.. she had some slight gasps for air when we arrived.
I ran immediately into the vet’s office and asked them to take me to the oxygen tent and that we needed to revive this baby. After working on her, giving her epinephrine to stimulate her heart, dexamethasone to decrease swelling in the brain and dopram to increase respirations we were able to revive her and get her pinked up. The doc is worried about brain damage as she said she was O2 deprived for too long and for me to not expect to much. Although she did give the consolation that puppies are hearty and could possibly pull off miracles. We could only hope. We’ve called her Baby Claire, since we were driving through Cleremont when she was delivered. While I was helping out working on Claire, Dusty was down with Eva getting her prepped for her surgery when out of the blue comes another puppy..still no contractions and no warning. We’ve called this puppy, Baby Rose, as she was born at Rose City Animal Hospital. Rose was the smallest puppy born at 1 pound even.

Eva was finished being prepped and we took her up to the surgical unit where she was sedated and anesthitized and the surgery went on as planned. We were busy after that first puppy was handed to us as you must revive quickly and aggressively to get any fulid out of the lungs and get the puppyis ‘squawking”, such a beautiful sound…6 puppies were delivered via c-section and Dr. Johnson remarked several times how big these puppies were..Normal range for birthrate puppies is around 1 pound…the smallest puppy weighed 1 pound even..the largest puppy weighed 1 pound 12.5 oz…and was GIGANTIC…all of the other puppies were over 1 lb 6 oz.. Baby Claire would not take the nipple and has no interest at all in interacting or crawling through the other pups like a normal pup would…her reflexes were indicators of neurological depletion. I was to take her home and tube feed her every 2 hours. I even hand milked Eva to get some colostrum to help out with immunity for her. However, after much care throughout the night and holding her close to me at all times to keep her warm, baby Claire passed away at 1:11 am on Sunday..this really pains me but I know she was not going to thrive on her own and she just left us when she could fight no more. The remaining 7 puppies are healthy, hearty, and have a voracious appetite..they are left on Eva to nurse continually and be next to her warmth. Eva is a fantastic mother..she has plenty of rich millk indicative of the 2 ounce gain in each of the puppies from their second weigh in, and she just loves them. I couldn’t ask for a better mother.

Update: 5/14/2008-The puppies experiemented with their first gruel at 12 days old.  A combination of Canidae and Esbilac milk replacer with warm water blended until smooth.  After pouring it in their flying
saucer pans and giving the pups a quick muzzle dunk they went to town on their new chow.  Tater, Hope and Rose look like bulldozers with their mouths open as they get in the pan and go around and scoop up the goodies. Huey gobbles up a bit, scoots off, cries and comes back for more. Belle, Austin, and Wyatt are happy to just hang on the side of the dish and eat patiently while making a total mess of themselves.  After their feeding frenzy each puppy gets a warm spa bath, peed and pooped, and  hen a vigorous towel rubdown which they just love, grunting in appreciation.  They are put back to bed in their puppy crib to sleep it off for another 3 hours and then we are back at it again.  They still are nursing on Eva, just not as frequently as they have shown me they are ready for their next stage of eating: Gruel!

May 15, 2008: It’s the puppies third time eating gruel-they are 13 days old. The gruel is a combination of Canidae All Life Stages and Esbilac Milk Replacer mixed with hot water.  Blended until smooth and poured into their flying saucer to be consumed by 7 little pirahna’s.  The pups got the hang of it rather quickly, with a quick dunk of the nose to get a taste they were off and running to get more more more.  They all have their own
way to feed themselves..some just like to hang out with their head over the side, some need both feet in it for traction and the the others who are gruel mongers have their whole body in it going around like a scoop shovel…Baby Rose is the “Queen of Scoopage”..the pups are grunting and whining the whole time as they can’t get enough. I think Eva is relieved during this time as she gets some down time to just watch the little boogers eat their fill.  She comes in as the clean-up crew and gives them a good lickin’ and eats the rest of the chow in the pans.  Warm, soothing baths finish off the feeding frenzy and the pups are returned to their den of warmth for them to start dreaming in puppy land…woofing, running, ear and lip twitching…my, I wonder what they are dreaming about?

Update: 5/20/2008: The puppies are up to 2 gruels per day with time on Eva to nurse in between. The are walking readily in their whelping box..they are so sweet. When I go to sit in their box and call “puppy puppy puppy” they scurry over to me snuffling, yelping anxious to get petted and wondering where the chow is. Their eyes are open and they prick their ears when you talk to them..They wag their tails and sit up on their haunches. Baby Austin was the first to crawl out of the whelping box and over to pee on the rug. The puppy breath is amazing and they smell so sweet. These puppies are very sweet, lovable and very tender. They like to relax in a reclined position on their backs when you hold them. Totally blissful in their environment.  Pics will be put up tonight.. stay tuned.

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