Tex X Eva

  • Due Date 24 May 2009
  • Males 6
  • Females 5

Clinic: Rose City Animal Hospital
Pasadena, CA
Vet: Dr. Kamryn Casey, DVM
Delivered 11 puppies via C-Section

Special thanks goes out to Dr. Kamryn Casey of  Rose City Animal Hospital for delivering this large litter.  I would also like to thank the support staff of Rose City, for their diligence and complete attention to detail to the puppies and momma. I have used this clinic and its doctors and staff many times before and have found none to compare in their excellent quality of care, knowledge of reproduction, and friendly demeanor.  They are priceless in my book.

Eva decided she would start to go into labor around 4 pm after our dog show on Friday.  I called the clinic as soon as I could and they had already closed.  I had tracked down Dr. Bonney who was scheduled to do my C Section and she talked me through the evening and tried to get up a team to come in that evening without success.  Our last words on the phone were to either take her to emergency or try to whelp her myself until I could bring her in the next morning on Sunday.  I opted for the latter..as I don’t feel comfortable with an emergency vet who doesn’t do c-sections on a regular basis and surely not on Mastiffs.  I told Eva quietly to “hang in there” and that she did….my girlfriend Tiffany came up to help and ended up staying over to assist in the morning…so we all were “hanging in there”.  At 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning…we were almost ready to leave when Eva started to drop green discharge.  This indicates a puppy has been dislodged from the uterus and is enroute through the birth canal.  We have about an hour max before we  would be putting that puppy into jeopardy, so we high tailed it to Pasadena..

Eva was panting heavily and pacing in Tiffany’s van but we trudged on and made it in record time.  We arrived at the clinic, checked in and got her prepped for surgery.  After about 15 minutes of prep, the doctor called us back to start helping with reviving puppies.  I put Tiffany on the video camera to film the actual c-section but had to call her off after we had the 3rd puppy blasting out quickly to the recovery team.  One puppy was
indeed in the birth canal and needed to be pushed backwards for removal.  Thankfully, that puppy was in good shape and not wedged in there without oxygen.  The puppy’s kept coming until Dr. Casey said “that’s it!” and our final count when all was done was ELEVEN puppies!!  We only saw 6 on the ultrasound at 30 days…they must have been piled on top of one another during the scan.

******6/04/09 :Update*****: We about lost Eva to severe Mastitis and hypocalcemia that set in 4 days after whelping…it came on suddenly and sent her temp skyrocketing to 107*…after an extended emergency stay in the hospital with Dr. Bonney attending to her needs in her expert manner she was able to save our dear Eva.  We owe Eva’s life to Dr. Bonney and we would like to say how much we apprecitate her and her willingness to treat this dire emergency
with aggressive technique that saved Eva’s life.

******06/25/09: Update*****Eva is doing well…she is off of her antibiotics, her bag is dried up with no milk being produced.  The pups are growing like little weeds.  They are on gruel and have been for 1 week.  They get Canidae Grain Free All Life Systems mixed with fresh goat milk.  Our neighbor brings us 2-3 gallons of fresh milk daily that is blended up with the dry kibble to make smoothies that we feed as gruel.  They are gaining rapidly.  They will go to
their crates next week and be crate trained until they leave at 8 weeks.  Vaccinations start at 6 weeks and 8 weeks and a microchip implant at 8 weeks.  They have been wormed at week 2 and 3 and will again at week 5. All is well at the Goldrush Compound.  They are taking their first short visits outdoors daily and will increase their length of time as they age.

*******0727/09 UPDATE*** Eva was spayed today.  She will retire out as the World’s Best Momma and Best Companion Ever”  she is doing great, Dr. Bonney did her surgery and she came through with flying colors.  She will continue her reign as house princess and be a constant companion to me.  We are so happy she is doing well and she is such a good playmate for the pups since she acts like one herself!

***Our puppy call names this time will honor the great country music stars and some of our favorites of recent.***

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