Tex X Penny I

  • Due Date 10 May 2008
  • Females 2

Attending Surgeon: Dr. Dana Bleifer, CLONE West
Location: Rose City Animal Hospital, Pasadena, CA

Special thanks to Dr. Bleifer and the all of the vet techs at Rose City Animal Hospital for their professionalism and attention to detail while performing the c-section on Penny and the revival of the puppies after they were born.  I appreciate your attentiveness to my animals and the care you gave was unequaled to others.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

May 10, 2008 We contacted our reproduction vet, Dr. Dana Bleifer to schedule the c section several days in advance of Penny’s due date. Penny was due to deliver on her 60th day after surgical implantation of semen from our boy Tex. To the day Penny never went into labor and with the impending holiday, Mother’s Day on Sunday we made the decision to go ahead and take the puppies. We were a little disheartened after the ultrasound that was done at day 24, when the vet only saw one puppy..it was alive and had a good heartbeat but we had our hopes set on a big litter. Today, Dr. Bleifer did another ultrasound to see what we were going to expect when she opened her up and she saw only two. Again, high hopes that there were a few more tucked away that could have been hiding out. Penny was prepped for surgery and Dusty video taped the whole procedure from the opening to the closing.

When Dr. Bleifer got in and pulled out the left uterine horn there were 2 big babies nose to nose. She quickly and expertly got them out and into the hands of the waiting vet techs who quickly began reviving the pups and getting them to get their first breaths of California air. Dr Bleifer then told me that was it for babies but she would look in the other uterine horn on the right side to see what was happening there. She did say that she had found places where 3 other puppies had been attached but they had been reabsorbed. So we did potentially have a good litter but we are so lucky that Penny did not reabsorbe these two girls. I feel blessed that we have 2 girls to carry on the legend of Tex and Penny and will be keeping the brindle girl. I have named her Sparkle. She is a brindle…don’t know if she is apricot or fawn..her colors will come in better in a few weeks. The other girl is either a fawn or an apricot, again time will tell. Right now, the babies are doing well. They are nursing and getting the good colostrum that is so rich in antibodies to protect them and give them immediate immunity from any bugs that may be around. Welcome to the world Sparkle and Lexi! Happy Birthday…:)

5/20/08 It had been determined, that baby Sparkle was born prematurely, possibly due to her implanting later than Lexi. this assumption was due to her kidney and bowel function not being as advanced as Lexi’s. She has since started to gain weight after some much worried moments if we were going to save her or not. Sparkle is now eating vigorously and takes 2 ounces from her bottle each feeding every 1.5-2 hours.

Update: 5/14/2008: The Penny puppies are doing okay..Baby Lexi is thriving well and gaining daily..she is a vigorous eater and does well on the nipple. Sparkle on the other hand is not doing so well…she is not gaining weight and one day she lost weight. She avidly nurses but doesn’t seem to gain weight, she has trouble with her bottle and just doesn’t like to suck it. I have resorted to using a syringe to feed her and she is getting 20 cc of milk replacer at a sitting every hour…Update 5/16/2008: Baby Sparkle is making gains by leaps and bounds, her rough start of not gaining seems to be in the past. Sparkle is taking the bottle readily and is drinking up to 1.5-2 cc per sitting as well as being placed on Eva. Keep your prayers up for baby Sparkle that she can thrive and pull out of this funk. Eva has taken over mothering abilities on these pups and
is nursing them for Penny who really has no interest in them.

Update: 5/20/08: Baby Lexi is gaining rapidly..she is a vigorous eater…still can’t determine color but I am leaning towards a beautiful rich buttery fawn. Sparkle is gaining daily about 1-2 ounces. She eats well, up to 2 ounces of formula at a sitting. Her little apricot brindle coat is nicely marked. The babies till nurse Eva up to 4 times per day, but mostly they are on the bottle. They have to share with their 7 humongous brothers and sisters who get a little too rambunctious for these wee ones…although Lexi can hold her own most often and little Sparkle gives it her best shot.

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