Health Testing

With today’s technology, there should be no reason that a good breeder should not health test all of their breeding stock. Those that don’t are putting their head in the sand. Albeit, health testing is not the end all be all to dog breeding it should be used as a TOOL to collect data on many generations of dogs so that you can at least have some sort of basis genetically for your program. Please seek out breeders who health test their dogs.

Goldrush Mastiffs tests ALL breeding stock for:

  • OFA Hips
  • OFA Elbows
  • OFA Heart
  • OFA Patellas
  • von Willebrand’s
  • OFA Thyroid
  • CERF
  • PRA or by parentage
  • DNA Fluffy Coat
  • Cystinuria
  • CMR-2010
  • DNA Profile